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Tangentia EDI Mapping Factory

The Tangentia EDI Mapping Factory is formulated for low-cost map development and migration of a large number of maps. Our proposition offers over 70% of cost savings per map compared to the cost of map development in North America and Europe. It is the best way to achieve cost-efficient mapping through standardized IT solutions. The EDI Mapping factory has a large number of certified mappers and personnel On Shore as well as Off-Shore.

The Tangentia EDI Mapping Factory provides quality through standardized IT Solutions and Processes by making it simple, cost-effective, fast and is the best suite for global enterprises aiming to achieve efficiencies across geographies and businesses.

Tangentia | Mapping Factory

Why Tangentia's EDI Services

1) Tangentia’s standardised IT Solutions and Processes make delivery simple, cost-effective and fast
2) Our solutions are tailored to achieve efficiencies across geographies and businesses
3) Our team ensures reduced management & process overheads

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