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Retailers are increasingly requiring suppliers to “synchronize” their product data through the Global Data Synchronization Network. In the past, suppliers have provided product information through a variety of inefficient communication channels and manual processes, including paper catalogues, retailer-specific forms, online portals, price sheets and standing offers.

This is a significant management burden on suppliers as these manual processes often exist outside of computer systems, so it is difficult to keep information updated as changes occur over the product life cycle. As a result, retailers are often faced with out of date and inaccurate product information in their stores and warehouses. Not having the information they need, when they need it, can directly correlate to lost sales for the retailer and subsequently lost contracts for the supplier.

Tangentia is your Global Data Synchronization partner facilitating trade through the Global Data Synchronization Network. Tangentia offers a GDSN certified datapool.

How GDSN works

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The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network® (GDSN®) is a network of interoperable data pools enabling collaborating users to securely synchronise master data based on GS1 standards. GDSN supports accurate, real-time data sharing and trade item updates among subscribed trading partners.

Supported Global Data Synchronization Product Data

Product identification and classification gives suppliers and buyers a common language for distinguishing product data that is uniform across the entire supply chain. All keys to the unique identification of product data are supported by RedTail GDS:

Global Location Number (GLN) — A unique, 13-digit number that distinguishes physical, functional and legal entities (e.g., companies, warehouses, stores, etc.).

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) — The 14-digit data structure used to uniquely identify trade items (products and services) within the evolved EAN.UCC system.

Global Product Classification (GPC) — Standard groupings of products and services with like attributes established by GS-1.

Tangentia’s GDS Service Specifications:
  • Hosted Item Publication and Maintenance
  • Certified by 1Sync
  • Supports Multiple Organizations (GLN’s)
  • Supports Multiple Target Markets
  • Simplifies GDCN XSD’s
  • Secure SSL-based GDSN Communication Including Sending and Receiving
  • Acknowledgements
  • Configurable Work List Retrieval and Reporting
  • Queues for Guaranteed Delivery
  • Processes, Expands, and Retains Item-specific Publication Authorization Information
  • Stores Message Data and Reports Success or Failure
  • Ties Success, Errors and Warnings to Specific Items
  • Assures Message & Item Audit Trail

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