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Tangentia Demand Expertise

Tangentia consulting group’s services is offering On Demand Expertise especially around Enterprise IT solutions. Tangentia’s On Demand Expertise leverages Tangentia’s “Think Global, Act Local” philosophy, allowing our customers to select the best consultants for a particular job from a global roster of consultants.

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Access Top Talent

Access high level industry leaders and top talent consultants from around the world. Enable the best to solve your business problems


Tangentia On Demand Expertise allow companies an alternative to traditional hiring. Get the role-specific experts and top talent consultants on your terms, hourly, daily, monthly or project/ Statement of Work(SOW)-based.

External Talent in House

Through Tangentia’s global talent database, keep local and global external talent in your institutional memory for specific projects and specific technology skills.

You make the selection

You can choose from a select shortlist, among the experts that have extensive industry experience and technological expertise on the role you’re trying to fill

Easy to Manage

Tangentia simplifies all the processes, from legal and compliance requirements to HR requirements for the consultants.

Our proven expertise

Our consulting group has over the years delivered more than 1000+ successful expertise on demand projects, from every industry and region, guaranteeing the best results.

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