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Tangentia | Managed Services
Tangentia | Managed Services

Simplify Management, Optimize IT processes & More

With today’s technology at your fingertips and the demands of the current business climate, it can feel as though you are being pulled in many different directions at once. Managing every aspect of customer service and interactions, along with keeping costs low, can make it challenging to meet all your customer and business needs.

Optimize IT Processes and Reduce Costs

Tangentia Managed Services is designed to provide your business with the optimum combination of talent and resources to provide top customer service no matter where they are, while keeping costs down. This allows you to provide a global delivery model, while maintaining a local focus that puts the customer first.


Tangentia | Managed Services

Embrace the Benefits of Tangentia Managed Services to Increase Your Global Presence and Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

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Agile Delivery

With the use of MVP, you can use an iterative approach to quickly get the simplest version of a product into the hands of your customers, test it, and make improvements, before sending out to be tested again. This agile method of delivery provides quick results.

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Turnkey Execution

The ability to tailor a solution to meet your needs is a must in today’s competitive world. We offer you a turnkey solution that will allow you to design, build, test, operate, and seamlessly transfer operations to a new solution that is specific to your needs.

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Technology Focused

We provide certified and experienced technology teams and tools that can take care of all your technology needs. This includes a cloud-based SDLC tool-set to make collaboration easy and a mobile-first approach that meets the demand of both employees and customers.

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Business Driven

The goal of any business is to meet their business objectives quickly and efficiently. Tangentia Managed Services allows you to optimize processes and methodologies and combine them with available resources to get quality products out quickly and at a minimal cost.

Scale Your Business With Tangentia Managed Services

Connect with our experienced Managed Services Team to learn the impact of our services for your business. Contact the Tangentia team today.