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Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway

Empowering Businesses and Tax Professionals

Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway (TeIG) allows you to centralize the creation of multistate e-Way Bills for multiple business units, branches and users connected to a single account. It also gives you the ability to generate logs, waybill history, GST returns, smart reconciliations, and e-Invoicing. And all of this is available via one easy-to-use platform.

The Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway solution

TeIG is a cloud-based software that offers:
  • Full and seamless integration with your ERP
  • Integration with TeIG e-Invoicing and e-Way Bill software
  • Automated preparation and filing of all relevant GSTRs
  • Full reconciliation of GST data with your accounts
  • Direct import of invoices from e-Commerce seller
  • Data validation that is fully automated

Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway GST Is All You Need

Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Fully Integrated

Complete integration with e-Invoicing and e-Way Bill solutions and seamless integration with your ERP.

Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Easy Compliance

Management Compliance management for your business is made super easy at the unit, division and warehouse level.

Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Data and e-Way Bill Validation

Flag errors with data validation and use the built-in auto-distance calculator to ensure e-Way Bill validity every time.

Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Barcode Scanning & Consolidation

Consolidated e-Way Bills generated at dispatch and consignment details available simply by scanning the bar code.

Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Intelligent Transaction & Error Detection

Intelligent software allows you to display and monitor transactions and detect errors in real-time.

Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Enhanced Security & Privacy

A cloud-based solution with the most up-to-date security and privacy features to ensure your data remains secure.

One Convenient Dashboard for Full Control

Enjoy all the features and benefits of TeIG with a single, user-friendly dashboard that connects you to your data and allows you to keep track of accounts and transactions in real-time.
TeIG Is the Ideal Solution for Everyone:
  • Enterprises
  • Transportation companies
  • Importers
Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway

Why Tangentia?

Tangentia is a leader in digital transformation solutions, with more than 17 years of global experience. As an EDI Solution provider to more than 1,000 customers, including 11 Fortune 500 companies, we have an experienced team of more than 120 professionals.
Tangentia offers 24/7 email and telephone support in India in English, Hindi, and 7 additional regional languages. Contact us today for more information about how the Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway can help with GST compliance or to learn about other Tangentia solutions.

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Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway


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Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway


Generate GST returns and reconcillitions via one easy-to-use platform

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Tangentia | EWaybill Gateway


Securely file GST returns through the Cloud and reduce errors

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