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Tangentia is a dedicated partner of MuleSoft and Value Added Reseller (VAR) of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager Platform, providing implementation, system integration and a full range of professional services.

What Is MuleSoft B2B / EDI?

MuleSoft created their Anypoint Platform to eliminate the need to slog through data integration. The goal behind this platform is to bypass the necessity of writing custom code every time data integration is required and instead make the various components available and easy to piece together.

With the Anytime Platform, MuleSoft has created a vehicle through which data integration of any capacity can be quickly and easily accomplished. Simply use their reusable assets to build APIs and integrations with a few clicks of the mouse button, allowing you to transform data, test your APIs and integrations and plug those integrations into CI/CD pipelines.


MuleSoft Anypoint Platform for B2B Integration

Business Benefits

Improve trading partner onboarding and supply chain efficiency with Anypoint Partner Manager™.

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Accelerate Onboarding

Reusing APIs and templates makes it possible to accelerate partner onboarding. At the same time, you will enjoy increased development productivity with a wide range of API and integration development tools, the power to connect to any system and the ability to test and iterate quickly.

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Enjoy End-to-End Visibility

Full end-to-end visibility across all B2B transaction and backend integrations can be achieved via a single platform. This simplifies partner management by allowing you to establish custom or pre-built policies, monitor and troubleshoot your deployments and analyze metrics across all those deployments.

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Ensure Flexibility, Security and Visibility

Your B2B integrations will have full flexibility, thanks to the ability to host on-premise, on the cloud or a hybrid of the two. And regardless of how you host your data, it will be fully secured, protected and compliant. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to oversee the performance of your application network.

How can Tangentia help you unlock MuleSoft’s full potential?

Tangentia will work closely with your organization to ensure you have a fully customized implementation of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. We have a team of well-trained, highly experienced developers and implementation specialists who can assist you in building a MuleSoft solution that can harness the full power of B2B API and integrations to suit your needs.

Mapping Factory

Mapping Factory

Maintain full compliance with your partner’s EDI requirements with Tangentia’s help. We will provide full EDI mapping services that are geared toward both inbound and outbound documents.



Migrating your data from your legacy platform to MuleSoft can be an intimidating prospect, which is why Tangentia will help you through the process. We will make sure the data migration process aligns with your business requirements and strategies for data management.



When you don’t want to host, manage and maintain your own on-premise server, you can take advantage of Tangentia’s cloud hosting for the Anypoint Platform, ensuring you have complete security, flexibility and affordability.

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