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Finally, your company is ditching that legacy EDI software that you’ve spent many frustrating years toiling with since starting your position. While you’re elated to finally watch that old EDI software go the way of the dinosaur, there is one problem that lingers in your mind — the painstaking EDI migration process.

Changing EDI providers or software can be a daunting task, it requires clear communication and cooperation among various teams within the company and there are bound to be minor technical hiccups along the way. But, if you follow a clear and organized approach, your EDI migration process will be smooth and easy.

Why Switch EDI Platforms?

Whether your company is experiencing data exchange performance troubles, onboarding challenges, or a limited functional range – you’ll need a robust EDI migration strategy to ensure optimal results. Let’s take a look at some of the primary instigators for undergoing a start-to-finish EDI migration process.
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Outdated Technology

Legacy EDI systems may lack modern features and automation capabilities, hindering efficiency and growth.

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Limited Integration

Older systems might struggle to integrate with newer applications and technologies, causing data silos.

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Inflexible Customization

Older EDI systems may not adapt easily to changing business requirements or emerging standards.

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Compliance and Industry Standards

Upgrading to a new EDI solution ensures compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards.

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Competitive Advantage

A modern EDI solution can give your business a competitive edge by improving overall operational efficiency.

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The Autonomous Edge

Tangentia has the added benefit of helping you built in smart automations and processes into your EDI solutions that could save time and money while making complex processes simpler.

Your 5-Step EDI Migration Process

Planning Phase

  • Internal Assessment: Evaluate your current EDI systems, message exchanges, and processes. Identify pain points and specific requirements for a new EDI provider.
  • Collaborative Decision Making: Involve key stakeholders from various departments to ensure a holistic approach to the migration process.
  • Seek External Expertise: While keeping the decision-making internal, consulting with external experts can provide valuable insights and best practices.
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Training and Support

  • User Training: Provide comprehensive training to all relevant staff members who will be working with the new EDI solution.
  • Post-Migration Support: Offer continuous support to address any issues or challenges that may arise during the early stages of implementation.
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