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Make the Most of the Cloud with Tangentia Cloud Services

Tangentia is a leading provider of Cloud Services, providing access to a wide range of cloud services across all the major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud Services, and Microsoft Azure. Whether you need Cloud First, Cloud Native, or Cloud APIs, we’ve got you covered.

Our team will work closely with you to determine the cloud services that will best help you reach your business objectives so you can maintain a competitive edge in this fast-paced world.

What Are Cloud Services?

The term cloud services encompasses an array of various computing apps, software, and other system resources a business needs to successfully operate in today’s competitive business environment. Chief among these resources are computing power and data storage. These services are delivered to the customer on-demand via the internet, typically with the availability of different usage plans, and are fully scalable as the needs of the business change.

Why Tangentia for Cloud Services

Tangentia is a provider of agile digital transformation solutions that are designed to give businesses a competitive edge while saving them both time and money. With various awards and recognition, including six consecutive years as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in Canada, Tangentia is a trusted partner in cloud services, automation, EDI, security, and digital technologies.

More than 15 years experience developing, deploying, and maintaining cloud applications

Offering multiple cloud services delivery models to suit businesses of any size in any industry

Serving a global customer base with a customized approach that puts the customer’s needs first

A 15-year partnership with IBM, now a proud Platinum Partner (the highest level partnership)

Tangentia’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides your business with all the computing resources your business needs virtually via the cloud. This includes computing resources, storage resources, and system infrastructure software that are offered via a cloud services model that offers flexibility based on your needs.

On-demand delivery for IT resources such as apps, computing, and data storage

The ability to build, test, deploy, and manage apps and services via servers or serverless computing

Resources suitable for any size of workload and any project duration

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