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Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Tangentia | On Demand Talent

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Tangentia On-Demand Talent

In today’s ever-changing business environment you sometimes need a little extra help to meet your targets and reach your business objectives. What if you could hire that help when you need it, and only when you need it? Tangentia On-Demand Talent allows you to do just that, with a focus on Enterprise IT solutions that ensures there are consulting experts available to work with you to develop and deliver quality products to your customers.
Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Get targeted help with specific projects or jobs within your organization

With Tangentia On-Demand Talent, you can choose from our hand-picked global talent pool to ensure you get the consulting experts that best suit your needs, regardless of the project or role within your organization. With onsite, offshore, and hybrid models, you will get the talent you need on your terms.

We have the talent that gives you the power to…

Hire the people that best suit your project, organization, & budget
Save yourself the time and effort required to vet, sign on, and manage new hires
Reduce development cycles and get your product to market more quickly

Bring the Benefits of Tangentia On-Demand Talent Home and Watch What Happens

Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Massive Global Talent Pool

We have 15,000+ experts worldwide. Our massive range of local & global talent dedicated to helping you find the people who best suit your hiring needs.

Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Your Choice

You tell us what you want, & we will provide the talent. The final choice is yours, ensuring you hire the top people in your industry who best fit for your company.

Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Flexible Hiring

You get to hire talent on your terms, whether you need them for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. You can even hire by the project.

Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Cost Efficient

Building a full in-house development team is costly. Reduce the cost of building your dream team by hiring the best-in-class talent on an as-needed basis.

Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Easy Talent Management

Tangentia is here every step of the hiring process. We offer simplified talent management by streamlining the compliance, legal, and HR processes you need.

Tangentia | On Demand Talent

Reduced Time to Market

Our team of highly trained & experienced experts will allow you to focus on improved coordination, shorter release cycles, & faster product delivery.

Why Tangentia?

Tangentia is a leader in On-Demand Talent that:

Has a track record of more than 1,000 successful on-demand projects

Truly Global

Is able to provide a range of talent in every industry and in every region


Helps you increase your development pace and focus on your core competencies

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On-Demand Talent

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