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Seamless RPA Migration with Tangentia: Effortless Transitions Across Platforms

More Than Just Migration

RPA platforms are continuously advancing, offering organizations innovative features, integrations, and capabilities that can greatly enhance their automation initiatives. Yet, for those who have invested time in building automated processes with their current RPA tools, the thought of transitioning to a new platform can seem overwhelming, if not insurmountable.

  • Tangentia's migration services enable efficient RPA tool transitions, achieving 60-75% savings in time and cost.
  • Thoroughly analyze your current automation portfolio, offering insights for optimization or retirement of processes.
  • Ensure significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

How Does Tangentia Simplify RPA Migration?

Tangentia can move your current RPA processes to a new platform at 75% of the cost when compared to manually moving your automations.

Ingest Your Current Estate Quickly and Easily

1. Ingest Your Current Estate Quickly and Easily

Easily ingest processes from RPA tools into Tangentia's migration tool. Processes can be ingested from a variety of sources, including commonly used RPA tools such as BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath.

Analyze, Understand, Improve

2. Analyze, Understand, Improve

Once your processes are ingested, you will be presented with several migration options and stratergies designed to help you improve your processes while cutting down on maintenance and licensing fees.

Plan and Prioritize

3. Plan and Prioritize

Armed with detailed insight on your entire automation estate, we create a functional migration plan that will allow you to switch RPA platforms with little to no disruption to your business.

Tangentia | RPA Migration

4.Migrate to your New RPA Platform

Once you are ready, you can send your automated process to the new destination RPA platform with the click of a button. Tangentia provides you with precise insight into your RPA estate, allowing you to plan for any additional work and refinement that may be needed to complete the migration.

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