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Introducing TiA for SAP

TiA is an AI platform that can take your SAP automation to the next level. An SAP system requires an incredible amount of manual data entry that is very time-consuming. With TiA for SAP, this data entry can be fully automated, eliminating human error, saving time and reducing costs.

Tangentia | TiA SAP

Who is TiA?

TiA is the latest advancement in AI, offering a revolutionary platform that is powered by IBM Watson and developed by Tangentia’s team of experienced AI experts. This AI platform has been specifically designed to automate data-related and rule-based SAP tasks.
  • Pulling data from multiple sources and filling out required forms
  • Managing the creation, updating and cancellation of orders
  • Auto-generating reports and sending them to the correct people

TiA’s Impact on the Automotive Industry

Freeing up human resources
Prevent manual entry of large amounts of data, freeing up your workforce for more important tasks
Reducing the occurrence of errors
With the bots entering data, you can eliminate the error that inevitably comes with manual data entry
Improving the user experience
Employees, customers and other interested parties will receive prompt delivery of notifications, invoices and reports

Introducing the TiA SAP Bots

TiA bots come equipped with many innovative features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your SAP system. Take a look at what these bots can do for you.
Tangentia | TiA SAP

PO Bot

The PO Bot can automatically retrieve information from an email to create, update or cancel a customer order and then send an automated email to all interested parties. It can also track the status of an order.

Tangentia | TiA SAP

Vendor Onboarding Bot

The vendor onboarding process is critical yet timeconsuming. The Vendor Onboarding Bot can automatically pull the required data from Excel files and emails and create a new vendor in SAP without any errors.

Tangentia | TiA SAP

Invoice Bot

Invoicing is a tedious process that involves inputting data from invoices into SAP. Our Invoice Bot is designed to extract data from more than 100 prebuilt invoice formats and input it directly into SAP.

Tangentia | TiA SAP

Credit Note/Debit Note Bot

The CN/DN Bot will read the invoice amount and automate the generation of credit and debit notes. These notes are then sent to the customer without any need for human intervention. And at the end of each day, users will receive an auto-generated report.

Tangentia | TiA SAP

Report Generating Bot

Fortunately, report-generation is a strictly rule-based task that our Report Generating Bot can take care of with ease. This bot will generate the required reports, consolidate them based on specific user requirements and email the reports.

Tangentia | TiA SAP

Bank Reconciliation Bot

The Bank Reconciliation Bot can log into major global banks and download bank statements. These statements can be compared to receivables recorded in SAP, and that data can be reconciled with customer details.

We know that SAP has already made your business processes easier, but there is still so much to be done. Our TiA bots can take your SAP from a mere convenience to full automation, freeing up your human resources to focus on what matters. And the best part is, you will save money, while ensuring your data entry is completely error-free.

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Why Tangentia?

Tangentia has been a leader in automation for decades and we have seen it evolve into the beneficial tool it is today. This has provided us with a deep understanding of how AI bots can be customized to increase the efficiency of your SAP system.
Trusted IBM partner

Tangentia and IBM have partnered to ensure you have the most innovative cloud-based solutions available using a convenient SaaS model. The result? You can easily customize your service to meet your SAP demands.

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With offices in Canada, the U.S. and India, we are there whenever you need us. All it takes is the click of a mouse button or a phone call and you can access the live support you need any time
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Enterprise-Grade Quality

Our customized, scalable solutions have been developed from decades of experience in automation. This has made it possible to play a key role in the advancement of enterprise-level automation in our field.

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