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Tangentia is a leading RPA solutions provider in India that simplifies how your company accesses the best of RPA, EDI, and B2B integrations. Automation can improve the operational efficiency of any company.
Our team works with you to help you identify the best ways to implement this technology, so you can maintain your competitive edge.

Streamline your front and back-office systems

Create the foundation for further expansion into automation

Give your business the agility it needs to stay competitive

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Customer Success Story

“Tangentia has relieved pressure from my employees for a task they didn’t like doing. The accuracy of the reports has greatly improved. I’m fully confident that automation has increased our capacity to take on more clients seeing as we can now handle all the additional reports required to manage them.”

Paul Sabat
Managing Partner at Summit Wealth
Advisory Group Inc.

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RPA forms the foundation of digital transformation, making it possible to restructure business processes and information systems to bolster innovation and fuel growth.