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Seamless EDI Compliance for Leviton

Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. is an American manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment in North America.
Tangentia is a global leader and provider of cloud EDI solutions. We make it easy for you to connect and trade with the largest ecommerce platform in the world. Leverage our expertise to ensure your business is meeting Leviton’s EDI requirements.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) lets companies send information in a standardized digital format from one system to another. An EDI system handles both the transmission and translation of data into a standardized format. EDI makes it easy for companies to exchange data electronically, reducing costs, and paper consumption, while improving business operations and logistical efficiency.
Tangentia | Leviton Mfg

Common Leviton EDI Documents


Why Choose Tangentia for Your Leviton EDI?

Tangentia | Leviton Mfg

Seamless Integration

Get up and running quickly with a streamlined cloud EDI solution that connects with 50+ accounting, ERP, and WMS systems.

Tangentia | Leviton Mfg

Guaranteed Lifetime EDI Compliance

Stay compliant with Leviton strict EDI guidelines with constant support, updates, and more.

Tangentia | Leviton Mfg

EDI Connections With Major Retailers

Expand your business into new channels with EDI integrations with the largest marketplaces in the world.

Tangentia | Leviton Mfg

24/7 Support

Stay connected with 24/7 production and help desk support from a team of EDI specialists that understand Leviton EDI requirements.

Tangentia | Leviton Mfg

100% Scalable Solution

Don’t let your EDI slow you down. Our Leviton EDI solution is flexible, making it easy for you to scale your business as demand grows.

Tangentia | Leviton Mfg

Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Put your data to work with real-time insights. Make informed decisions with total visibility over your entire supply chain.

Scale Faster with a Cloud-Based Solution

100% compliance with your trading partners’ EDI requirements

Simplify your overall EDI infrastructure by moving it to the cloud

Reduce EDI costs with a scalable and seamless solution

EDI Connections With the World’s Biggest Companies

Leviton EDI Made Easy with Tangentia EDI Integrations

Businesses need their EDI solution to sync with their internal back-office systems such as ERP/eCommerce/WMS applications. Tangentia Gateway provides integration with your EDI to ensure that you can focus on growing your business

EDI Gateway

Keep your EDI processes compliant and accessible with enhanced integration with your favorite business applications.

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Simplify the way your business approaches order management with centralized consolidation across multiple channels.

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Reduce costs and errors with a fully automated solution that improves every aspect of your invoicing processes.

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Minimize border delays with a solution that improves compliance, border document management & filing.

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Easily Integrate Into Your Back-Office Systems

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