MS Azure Cloud


What is MS Azure Cloud?

Whether you’re building new applications or deploying existing ones, Azure compute provides the infrastructure you need to run your apps. Tap in to compute capacity in the cloud and scale on demand.
Containerize your applications, deploy Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs), and take advantage of flexible options for migrating VMs to Azure. With comprehensive support for hybrid environments, deploy how and where you want to. Azure compute also includes a full-fledged identity solution, so you gain managed end-point protection, and Active Directory support that helps secure access to on-premises and cloud apps. Deploy great apps and save with pay-as-you-go pricing, and the Azure Hybrid Benefit


Focus on apps, not hardware

Support for Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .NET, and Ruby.

Autoscale to meet demand and save money.

Deploy thousands of instances in minutes.

Integrated health, monitoring, and load balancing

Automatic operating system and application patching

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