WEBINAR – RPA and Business Continuity Our Global Stories – Toronto


On-Demand Webinar
RPA and Business Continuity Our Global Stories

Learn how you can implement a digital workforce by adding automation and bots to support your digital transformation initiatives.


Catherine Calarco, Senior Director, Global Industry Strategy – Life Sciences at Automation Anywhere
Vijay Thomas, CEO at Tangentia

During our 45-min webinar we highlight how bots & automation can accelerate the following :

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Decrease the demand on labor
  • Increase profitability
  • Ensure and maintain operations during unforeseeable business circumstances
  • Increase security and decrease manual errors
Key takeaways:
  • Review of key Canadian and Indian industries adopting RPA & undertaking digital workforce transformation
  • Building a business continuity plan that includes RPA
  • Key business drivers for digital transformation with RPA
  • RPA use case by industry
  • How to begin your RPA journey utilizing an agile delivery model