Data Acquisition Software for Microsoft Windows

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Data Acquisition Software for Microsoft Windows

Data collections and data acquisition software that works across devices, databases and applications :

  • TWedge is a versatile and universal data collection and data acquisition software which works with serial (RS-232, RS-485, virtual COM ports), Bluetooth, TCP, UDP and USB HID devices (e.g. barcode scanners, gauges, appliances and scales)
  • The collected data can be stored directly in files or databases, forwarded to target applications via keystroke simulation, entered into spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, sent to web-services, and so on. It is even possible to convert data between interfaces and protocols (e.g., COM to TCP)
  • The processing capabilities are unlimited
  • All aspects of the data acquisition logic can be configured with the integrated scripting capabilities

The number of supported device connections per instance is license dependent:

  • TWedge : Supports a single device connection
  • TWedge Pro : Supports upto 3 simultaneous device connections
  • Twedge Datacenter : Supports more than 3 device connections at the same time

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