Privileged Identity Management

Priviledged Identity Management

What are privileged IDS?

Privileged IDs refers to any login ID with administrative or special rights to manage enterprise resources such Windows servers, UNIX/Linux servers, network appliances, database systems, and ERP applications. Such IDs have access to business critical resources & sensitive information. These could be an access to auditor access to financial systems or an administrator login to critical IT systems.

Why they are a risk? 

The traditional approach requires to have one login ID per person or to share login IDs and passwords between multiple IT administrators. This not only increases overall risks but also leads to propagation of too many privileged accesses and increases IT costs for life cycle management of accounts and accesses

  • Reduce IT Support costs
  • Achieve Individual Accountability due to auditing and reporting
  • Improve your overall Compliance & Security Posture
  • Enable Role Based Access Control
  • Access granted only after approval followed by revalidation