Taking Tangentia to the world: Vibrant Goa 2019 Roadshow


Vibrant Goa 2019 Roadshows

Tangentia Media

Tangentia as a Gold Sponsor joined the Vibrant Goa bandwagon on the road to major cities both in India and abroad. Showcasing Tangentia’s vast expertise in AI, B2B and Digital were some of our young minds.
Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit 2019 will be a first of its kind expo focused on multi-sectoral opportunities in Goa. Bringing customers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, buyers & sellers, service providers, professionals, traders, infrastructure providers, and technologists together on a common platform to discuss, share, debate and celebrate the best of multiple industries; Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit 2019, as an international event will be registering its name in the key commercial milestones of the year. In the summit, it will be enlightening to listen to various national & international speakers on the emerging trends in the business scenario due to the impact of technology, innovations, Geo-political environment, global trade alignment and convergence of various aspects of the trade.

“Goa – ‘Pearl of the orient’ famous for magnificent scenic beauty and beaches. But, Vibrant Goa, one of a kind display expo, National roadshows and knowledge series helped Tangentia to showcase capabilities in core business areas – AI, B2B, and Digital and meet many business delegates in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad. Many business delegates promised to visit global expo. Business people from different industry verticals are embracing the power of automation and they were excited to take the discussion to the next level and start the automation journey with Tangentia."

~Rajhans Gupta, Tangentia India Sales group

“Vibrant Goa gave us the right platform to mark the presence of Digital Transformation companies like Tangentia to showcase our capabilities in Gujarat which has got a huge potential for business and is the fifth-largest state economy in India."
~Nikhil Kawale, Tangentia India Sales group.

“It was a great experience representing Tangentia (Gold Partner) in the Vibrant Goa Roadshow in Bangalore. I met many intelligent and sharp-minded people, experienced veterans in Hotel, IT, Tourism, Supply Chain, Manufacturing industries who were keen on learning and exploring the benefits of RPA and AI. I look forward to meeting them again in the Vibrant Goa event and exploring the opportunities for collaboration."
~Ashwini Hegde, Practice Manager for AI & RPA

Rajhans Gupta from the Tangentia India Sales group represented Tangentia at the Delhi Roadshow that showcased the best and brightest Goa has to offer in the space of IT, Industry and Commerce.

“There is a lot of trust built over the decades between Israel and Goa and with direct flights starting up in September between Tel Aviv and Goa, it will be a huge catalyst to business. Our delegation was successful in convincing multiple major Israeli organizations in the Innovation, Startup and Medical fields to participate in Vibrant Goa and we look forward to meeting them in Goa in October."
~Vijay Thomas, CEO Tangentia Inc

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