Intelligent Automation Is the Future of Business: The Tangentia and Automation Anywhere Perspective

  • Intelligent Automation Is the Future of Business: The Tangentia and Automation Anywhere Perspective

For the past couple of decades, the goal of companies worldwide has been to automate business processes to make them more streamlined and efficient. Yet, after years of waiting for the right solution to come along, only a mere 20% of processes have been automated. Businesses have been left with no other choice than to do the other 80% manually in a business landscape that is rapidly changing.

Fortunately, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing all that, and Automation Anywhere is at the forefront of that development. AI can power every step of automation through the use of bots to allow businesses to maximize their ROI by offering better customer service and developing a business model that is future-proof. Unfortunately, there are challenges that make the road to automation bumpy.

The Digital Enterprise Challenge

The reality of today is that almost every business is still structured in silos. There is a front office and a back office. There are different departments. There are silos horizontally and vertically across a company. And it’s not just the departments and offices that are siloed. Companies are also operating within digital silos, and there are a number of challenges linked to them, including:

  • Thousands of applications and variations in processes across divisions, departments, and offices around the globe
  • Poor or nonexistent documentation of business processes
  • Difficulty automating document-focused processes that have different formatting
  • Time-to-value for automation – the above challenges increases the time it takes to get from idea to solution

The availability of growth opportunities for companies is increasing at an exponential rate. However, the challenges listed above cannot be resolved at that same exponential rate. This situation puts businesses behind the curve in a constantly changing business climate.

Fortunately, this is where automation can shine. The goal of Automation Anywhere is to create a single platform that will automate and integrate all the applications a company uses, and integrate the front and back office to create a truly digital enterprise. In addition, the use of bots to automate simple processes will free up resources and increase productivity by allowing the humans to innovate, create, and focus on more valuable tasks.

Injecting AI into Business

The core principle of automation is that AI will augment humans in the workplace, rather than replace them. This resonates with the vision of Automation Anywhere, which is to “enable human intellect to achieve greater things by taking the robot out of the human and putting human-like intelligence into the bot.”

Currently, the workplace is being transformed by automation. We are witnessing the rise of the cognitive workplace, driven by AI and AI-powered bots. These new bots are created to focus on digital work processes so humans can be freed up to engage in more productive tasks. The problem is that 80% of automation opportunities remain undiscovered. Even more, an issue is that people are spending a significant amount of time creating bots, which inherently defeats the purpose of automation.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 50% of RPA automation will be dynamically generated. However, Automation Anywhere is committed to making this a reality long before we reach 2023. They have developed their AI-powered Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot to collect and analyze data, prioritize that data, and use that information to auto-create bots with the click of a button.

In addition, Automation Anywhere is working closely with Microsoft Azure to simplify the process of implementing automation for their customers. This will also open up automation to a new set of partners and customers who weren’t previously able to take advantage of the benefits of automation.

The Future of Automation

Automation Anywhere and Tangentia believe the future of automation is about “automating the automation.” Ultimately, this will make it much simpler for businesses to embrace AI and the amazing tools that are being developed, so they can be more innovative and scale at a faster rate than their competition, making them more competitive. The companies that embrace this technology early are the ones that will pull ahead and win the race.

Tangentia and Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a leader in the Intelligent Automation industry with the stated goal of becoming the largest employer of task workers in the world. Tangentia is the leader in Agile Digital Transformation solutions with a “global boutique” delivery model that provides customers with bespoke solutions that are designed and built from offices in Canada, USA and India.

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