Monthly Tangentia Byte July 2020

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  • Monthly Tangentia Byte
    July 2020

As we enter Phase 3 of COVID19 re-opening in many parts of the World, Digital Workers in the workplace will be the new paradigm
Digital workers working side by side with employees is on the rise. If your organization is looking to automate mundane tasks in Accounts Payable , Finance or HR , we can help. Utilizing the robust capabilities of our partners such as Automation Anywhere , UiPath, IBM and Blue Prism , we can build an affordable solution that helps you cut costs and save time.

To book a demo with one of our RPA solution experts to discuss the impact of
Digital Workers for your organization, click below.
Are You Embracing all AI
Has to Offer?
AI can help your organization gain a competitive edge. Tangentia is one of the leading providers of AI services, helping companies harness the power of AI.

Visit our new website AI services page to learn more about our AI partners and capabilities.
Is Your Organization Implementing Digital Workers?
Drive more value out of your processes with RPA. We work with leading RPA partners such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blueprism.

Visit our RPA services page to learn more about our experience and RPA use cases.
Meet New Government of India GST Compliance Requirements
Your organization has 60 days to get compliant in India with new GST E-invoicing requirements. Get compliant within 2 weeks with Tangentia E-invoicing Gateway to ensure you meet the deadline of October 1st, 2020.

Effortless EDI Compliance For Your Business with Tangentia Cloud EDI
Our EDI solutions keep your data flowing, so you can focus on scaling your business in the digital age. Tangentia Gateway lets companies develop cost-effective and flexible EDI solutions that are customized to your unique supply chain needs.
Tangentia is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Goan Overseas Association Food Bank Concert in support of the Mississauga Food Bank.

Please click on the link below to donate online and you will
also receive a tax receipt from the Food Bank.

Let's Rock and Roll tonight to raise money for the Food Bank! #COVID19

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