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August 25th 12:00 pm EDT

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Educational Institutes across the globe are turning to chatbots and AI to improve the student experience, provide virtual learning assistance, and accelerate student support services.

If you have considered AI and virtual-assisted chatbots for your institution, attend our webinar on August 25th @ noon where we will discuss our success stories and introduce TIA (Tangentia Intelligent Automation) chatbot.

The Advantages of Intelligent AI Chatbots for Education :

  • Administrative and enrollment support for new students worldwide
  • 24/7 conversational support for new and existing students
  • Support in 40+ international languages including French, Spanish,Hindi, Arabic and Mandarin
  • Powered by IBM Watson, making the chatbot more intuitive over time

A chatbot operates 24×7, is multilingual and provides educational institutes a cost effective solution to provide a higher level of eLearning and student support.

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