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Seamless end-to-end integration with your trading partners, customers, and suppliers

Tangentia is a proud partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Cleo. We offer system implementations, integrations, and professional services for the Cleo software stack.

What is Cleo?

Cleo empowers organizations to deliver business outcomes through a fresh approach to B2B integration. With a broad range of applications, including modern Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Electronic Data Integration (EDI) solutions that are scalable, powerful, and integrate with your back-office.

Cleo provides automation for processes that are critical to key business functions, secure messaging capabilities, and interactive mapping and translation capabilities across different industry standards and requirements.

Cleo Solutions

Cleo Lexicom

Cleo LexiCom provides robust support for most protocols on the market. This solution offers quick and easy installation and heightened manageability and visibility—all out of the box—for your immediate and future secure file transfer needs.

This solution has more than 800 pre-configured connections, allowing businesses to connect to popular trading networks immediately, including Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Home Depot, Honda, and many more. Cleo LexiCom leverages existing technology, including EDI translators, operating systems, and IT infrastructures to guarantee you’ve optimized your resources.

Tangentia | Cleo

Cleo + Tangentia Business Benefits

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Simplify Complex Flows

Cleo’s no-code, visual flow designer allows complex data flows to be defned and set up in minutes. It facilitates the flow of data between applications without the use of SQL. Mapping and transformation capabilities are consumer-friendly and accessible, meaning they can be set up using a simple drag and drop interface. With more than 800 pre-confgured connections, businesses can connect to popular trading networks immediately, including Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Home Depot, Honda, and many more.

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Integrated and Automated Processes

Cleo provides a rich set of connectors and intuitive installation wizards that accelerates integration with popular business applications, like SAP, JD Edwards, Salesforce, and Netsuite. Discover a broad range of automation capabilities that allows users to schedule tasks or confgure actions to be performed as triggered by users.

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Complete Visibility

Cleo provides heightened manageability, visibility, and traceability for various activities, such as web requests, incoming and outgoing fles, and application-level errors. These detailed logging capabilities provide transparency to all activities being performed by the system, accountability across stakeholders, and allows the users to correct the errors as needed by the business.

How Can Tangentia Help You Unlock Cleo’s Full Potential?

We work closely with your business to ensure a bespoke implementation of any Cleo solution. With over 100+ Cleo implementation and integration projects delivered by the Tangentia’s team of developers and implementation specialists, we are in the best position to assist your company in implementing a solid, yet cost-effective Cleo solution tailored specifically to your business needs.

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Mapping Factory

Tangentia offers EDI mapping services for inbound and outbound documents, ensuring that your Cleo setup is in compliance with your trading partners’ unique EDI requirements.

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Tangentia offers a wide array of services to assist your business in migrating your data from your legacy platform to Cleo. We ensure the migration process is aligned with your data management strategies & business requirements.

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Tangentia offers cost-effective, secure, & flexible cloud hosting services for Cleo applications for businesses that prefer not to host, manage, & maintain an on-premises Cleo server.

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