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  • Cognitive bots powering your digital workforceTangentia RPA

  • Combining the power of EDI and RPAEDI Connector

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  • Intelligent automation for your recruitment processesTangentia Recruitment Bot

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  • Automate invoice processingTangentia Invoice IQ Bot

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  • Cognitive Automation for your PO processingTangentia Cognitive PO IQ Bot

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Tangentia RPA

Enterprises the world over are leveraging Robotics Process Automation (RPA) with the vision of creating a “Digital Workforce”: Intelligent software ‘bots’ complementing creative and collaborative human workers. Looking to capture, interpret, or manipulate data? Looking to improve efficiencies in your procure to pay or order to cash processing? Looking for contact center and front office transformation? Looking for middle and back office efficiencies? Looking to eliminate data entry, “copy and paste” and other such mundane tasks? Looking to read and understand documents like a human being does, and act on them (or pass on a recommendation to a human being)? Tangentia can help you do all this and more. Whether attended bots complementing human workers and increasing their efficiency or unattended bots that take the place of a human worker who can move on to creative and collaborative tasks, we aim to be your chosen partner by bringing the power of RPA to your enterprise.

Example Bots from our Repository

Cognitive Bot to process Purchase Orders

Intelligently processes variety semi-structured pdf’s in PO.

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Intelligent Bot to process Invoices

Smartly trained bots to process variety of Invoices in semi structured PDF to process through RPA tool.

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LinkedIn Recruitment Bot

Your search for the right candidate on LinkedIn platform for the job position using our Bot.

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Dice Recruitment Bot

Smartly navigate through the Dice platform to find the right candidate based on your search keywords.

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Credential Management Citrix Bot

Automate your entire credential reset list in Citrix environment within fractions of time.

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EDI Connector to UiPath

Easily integrate EDI invoices into a RPA enabled Accounts Payable (AP) process increasing accuracy and scalability.

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