Academy Case Study

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Teaching WebSphere Commerce customers, consultants, and IT Professionals how to become expert WebSphere Commerce Administrators, Business Professionals, Implementers and Developers.
• In the fast paced world of technology, how do the employees keep current with all the features, functions, and reporting techniques necessary to stay competitive with their web presence and business models?
• How do consultants keep their skills and their customers online store front competitive in a very complex and ever changing world of Internet Commerce?
• Performance is a key benefactor to keep customers coming back to an online store. With all the components of each custom store presence, how to do you keep the store well maintained and operating at an acceptable performance level?
• How do you create a customized store from the provided store models that will set the customers store apart from the standard out of the box functionality?


• Tangentia certified WebSphere Commerce experts deliver administration, business user, and developer training on site, or via the ILO (Instructor Led Online) deliverable.
• Experienced WebSphere Commerce consultants deliver not only the high quality lecture and lab material, but we also provide the experience and real case examples that gives the student the tools, and confidence to execute their skills in a production environment.
• We have taught our education deliverables to WebSphere Commerce customers, Business Partners, and IBM Global Services Professionals (administrators, architects, project managers, and developers).
• Experienced WebSphere Commerce consultants can create and deliver custom education packages based on customer, business partner, or IBM consultant’s requirements.
• Tangentia delivers timely version, Fix Pack, and Feature Pack enablement education so our customers know what version, Fix or Feature Pack is required for their needs. Knowing what new features are being released, or deprecated, is critical to the success of any engagement.

• Over a 90% Customer Satisfaction survey results.
• Free access to an experienced expert’s email and contact information.
• Eliminated costly travel expenses by participating in ILO deliverables.
• Face to face education deliverables to keep employees focused.
• Resources know where to go to find answers and support.

• ILO (Instructor Led Online) deliverables.
• VMWARE images of the latest versions, fix pack, and feature pack implementations.
• Quality presentation material used as lecture material.
• Stable, tested lab exercises that provides hands-on experience.

• Tangentia Consultants working within USA and Canada from 4 locations: Toronto, Moncton, Raleigh, Baltimore.
• Working alongside IBM sales and project management teams who were themselves remotely located in multiple locations.
• Custom face to face classes delivered in the UK, India, and USA or where ever there is a need for quality education.
• Week Long ILO classes delivered with remote lab deliverables.